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"It’s colder than I planned for and I forgot my gloves. Passing a dry cleaner, I pause in the warmth of the exhaust vent - it smells like steam and clean linens. I put on my headphones to warm my ears and slip my hand into my pocket - am I going the right way? Thumbing my way around, I hit play on the music. Paul’s low voice booms as Interpol’s ‘Obstacle 2’ starts. I’m suddenly not so lost anymore, and I’m not so cold."

- Carter on hearing ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ for the first time at 18

Paul wears the cropped tuxedo jacket and tuxedo pants in midnight denim

Behind the Scenes of "Doldrums" Lookbook

Photographed by Kelsey Ayres in NYC

"I feel like it is just a real

place of dreams and I think everybody who has big dreams kind of gravitates to a place like New York City."

- Interpol's Paul Banks on New York City,  2021

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Aleah wears the spread collar button up in indigo and umber cotton

Fall/ Winter 2021 "Doldrums" Film

We sat down with artist Paul Banks to discuss his childhood, staying true and dancing in Washington Square Park. The artist also speaks on a few of his favorite things - the essence which inspired this season's collection. 





Carter Altman


Art Direction


Anthony Jamari Thomas




Adam Kaplan




Roeg Cohen

& Kelsey Ayres  




Raheem Stanley




Harry Cepka  


Composition and Sound Design


Trevor Rivkin  



Michael Andrew

assisted by Danielle Spadola


Hair and Makeup


Julia Muntean








Paul Banks

& Aleah Morgan


Special Thanks


Hunter Wolf

Julius Spognardi

Agentry PR Lead by Erin Hawker

Jessica Lord & Red Light Management