Distinct Features of Designer Clothing

The clothing you wear can impact how you look, but also how you feel. While some clothes are utilitarian and serve a basic purpose, others should help you make a fashion statement that showcases your unique personality. Designer clothing is a cut above the standard clothing you’ll find at many major retailers. Read on to learn more about what makes designer clothing special, and how you can find the perfect pieces for you.


  • True designer clothing is specially curated by artists and fashion designers. This clothing is made with care and a lot of thought to ensure that the wearer considers it a work of art in addition to a piece of clothing.

  • Look for designer clothing that features the brand’s name somewhere on the piece. It doesn’t have to be prominent, but this type of clothing should always indicate who made it and who designed it for easy identification.

  • Well-made, designer clothing is crafted using the highest quality materials available. Whether it’s strong canvas, luxurious leather, or real gemstones, high-end clothes should always integrate durable, luxurious materials.

  • Some designer clothing is only made in limited runs. This means that each piece you own is part of a limited number that were made, making your designer digs even more valuable and precious as time goes on.

  • Texture and color are two main hallmarks of quality designer clothing. Look for items that feature a lush or unique texture along with fun patterns, unusual colors, or a combination of the two to help your ensemble stand out from the crowd.

  • True designer clothing should fit you perfectly. A tailored fit that makes you feel confident is one of the main reasons why you should own at least one piece of well-made, designer clothing so you get the best of both worlds: comfort and style together.